Reliable Welding has increased our plasma cutting capacity and we now have 4-tables in operation. For our clients, we can now process jobs in the 60,000 piece order in a short turnaround.

With an increased capability in plasma cutting, Edmonton transportation access, and experienced operators, Reliable Welding is well-positioned to handle significant work orders.
Our implementation of CNC plasma and high-precision cutting can produce parts up to 12 x 43 feet in dimension with a high-degree of accuracy. Our acetylene and plasma cutters have cutting capacities up to 4-inch steel plate. In addition, we can process straight and contour bevelling, giving our operators the ability to cut within the strictest of tolerances – as close as +/- .005 inch depending on material. We can process a range of steel material including mild steel, aluminum, and stainless steel.

Plasma cutting applications

At Reliable Welding, our plasma cutting tables have been employed across a number of projects serving Alberta’s oil-and-gas, mining, and construction industry.

Our CNC plasma tables can be used in the fields of construction, natural gas, mining, oil field, maintenance, transportation and heavy equipment fabrication to name a few. From the creation of custom boxes for trailers, duct-work for HVAC, metal art for architecture, metal staircase parts, brackets for electrical components, the applications are numerous.

Improved delivery and turn-around

It is exciting for our team to have more CNC plasma cutters on the shop floor, but the real impact has come by being able to better handle infrastructure and industry demands. With the ability to push through plasma cutting jobs faster, our team has more operational availability and there is less chance of project overlap. More plasma tables also means that lead-times have been reduced.

Finally, we have a complete team, including an in-house engineer, that can design and construct your projects.