Oilfield and Mining Equipment Manufacturer

From onsite repairs to complete custom design, we have the industry experience to be your oilfield and mining equipment manufacturer.


A Single-Source Provider for Oilfield Support
Equipment, Buildings and Custom Equipment

We are glad to take on challenging industry jobs, delivering solutions on-time and within budget. Located in Nisku, Alberta, we have clients throughout Western Canada and the United States.

Our team includes experienced in-house engineers, draftsmen, and CAD designers. Consequently, Reliable Welding can support projects from the design to delivery phase.


We Manufacture Oilfield Support Equipment

Reliable Welding is available to develop your oilfield equipment needs including dewatering systems, centrifuge stand, pipe tubs, mud tanks, shale bins, pull heads, flock tanks, reamers, temporary bridges, floating barges, and oilfield skids.

Oilfield and Mining Building Construction

We have an understanding of the unique challenges of developing steel buildings for mining and oilfield sites. As such, we have successfully constructed a range of oilfield buildings such as pump houses, combination buildings, and generator buildings.

Your Source for Completion Support Equipment

We can manufacturer all of the common equipment required for oilfield completions including compliant frac tanks, skidded frac ponds, mobile frac ponds, buffer tanks, flowback tanks, and flowline. Additionally, Reliable Welding has the capabilities to manufacture custom designs for your projects.

Mining Equipment Manufacturer

With a 14,000 square feet facility and yard space, Reliable Welding is well-suited to developing mining equipment for coal, oil sands, salt, limestone, shale, dimension stone, ammonite shell, sandstone, sand and gravel. Our team is available to refurbish, rebuild, replicate and improve on existing designs.

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