Oilfield, Mining and Industrial Onsite Welding Services

Bring the quality and experience of our in-house team directly to your project site with onsite welding services.


Field Service

Over the years, we have conducted a significant amount of services directly in the field. Portable welders, fabrication machinery and our experienced team can be brought to your project site.

In particular, jobs such as small repairs to field machinery, plate cutting, hard-surfacing, and complete building fabrication, are examples of onsite welding services for clients. We operate primarily in Western Canada and Western United States.


CWB Certified

Reliable Welding is a CWB Certified company. Our metal fabricators and onsite welding team puts a high-priority on maintaining standards of quality for our clients – in who or on the project site.


It is common in mining, oilfield and construction sectors to perform hard facing and hard surfacing on equipment parts. Adding extra layers of protective steel, is a practical step to improve performance, reliability and service life of the part.

Bucket Repair

If you have had a bucket fail due to corrosion or general wear-and-tear, often these parts can be repaired in the field saving considerably the cost on replacement. Typically, we repair loader buckets, backhoe buckets and excavator buckets. Tooth shanks, grouser bars, teeth, wear blocks and bushings can also be repaired or replaced through our onsite welding service.

Steel Fabrication and Construction

We develop a variety of oilfield and mining building structures that can be partially or fully assembled onsite. The same onsite welding team is available for repairing existing facility structures.

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