Helical Pile
Foundation Solutions

Get a helical pile manufacturer that offers a range of piling solutions, including, helical piles, round piles, bucket piles and H-piles.


A Helical Pile Manufacturer with Industrial-Level Capacity

Our company constructs all manner of piles including engineered screw piles, helical pipe piles, driven piles, round piles , H-piles, sheet piles, and bucket piles. In fact, we can deliver helical piers with true helix designs –  from 4” – 54”  for smaller public projects all the way up to large projects for installers. Located in Alberta’s International Region, Reliable Welding is well-situated to being a helical pile manufacturer for Western Canada and United States. Significantly, we have the production capacity and experience to handle commercial and industrial projects.

Designed for Foundation Repair and New Building Construction

Helical piers are extendible deep foundation solutions that can be used for current foundation repair, as well as securing the foundations of new development – both inland and offshore. Helical piles, also known as helical anchors, helical piers and screw piles, are characterized as central steel shafts with welded, helical bearing plates. Where soil conditions prevent conventional foundation repair solutions, helical piles can be literally screwed into the ground with minimal soil disturbance. Importantly, helical anchors distribute load bearing forces across the most secure layers of deep soil. For this reason, the helical plates are spaced apart, so that they act as individual load bearing structures.


We Certify
Your Foundation Piles

Should you require, Reliable Welding can supply certification on the piles we build for you.  Furthermore, we can assist with on-site splicing, and installation of above-ground structures.
Alberta Transportation Certified for H-pile splicing

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Sheet Piling

This type of  foundation solution designed to act as permanent retaining structures. For instance, Sheet Piles are ideal for temporary structures and construction work where they retain both soil and water, allowing necessary access to the project site.

Depending on the size of interlocks required for your project, we can supply either hot-rolled or cold-formed sheet piles. We can build at range of strengths and sizes and our engineers are available to help you with requirement development.

Pile Solution Products

  • Screw Piles
  • H Piles / Helical-Piles
  • Driven Piles
  • Pile Caps
  • Sheet Piling
  • Bucket Piles (2-piece designs available)

Applications for Helical Piles

  • Temporary Camps
  • Commercial Piling
  • Residential Piling
  • Electrical
  • Bridge Piling
  • Piles for Shoring


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