Mobile welding service and Onsite Fabrication

The quality of our steel fabrication services can be brought directly to your project site with our mobile welding service.


Field Services

We can perform a range of field services such as mobile welding, oilfield equipment repair, plate cutting, gouging, hard-surfacing, and onsite fabrication. As such, we operate our mobile welding service regularly throughout Western Canada servicing oil & gas,  pulp & paper, mining, and heavy equipment industries.

Bucket Repair

Clearly, there are many reasons excavator buckets can fail, but primarily this is due to corrosion that erodes the steel or compromises the welds. Loader buckets, excavator buckets, and backhoe buckets for the most part can be rebuilt or repaired on the field. Not only can the buckets walls be repaired, but tooth shanks, teeth, grouser bars, wear blocks and bushings can be welded and replaced.


Keeping Equipment in
Top Condition

Hardfacing Equipment

Metal equipment parts can go through significant stresses, abrasion, and wear that can impact the integrity of the structure. Hardfacing is the technique of welding a wear-resistant portion of material onto the part’s surface, which extends the life of the piece.

Hardsurfacing Services

With this in mind, hard-surfacing  not only extends the service life of used parts, but can be applied to new parts to give them added protection. For example, in harsh environments and demanding projects, this relatively simple application can push the service life of your equipment and bring a net benefit to your operations.

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Steel Building Construction and

Our oilfield buildings are customized to suit the demands of your project, including environmental factors and logistics. Reliable Welding can build oilfield structures that fit on a trailer bed all the way to large complex oilfield structures. The same experienced team is available to assist in constructing industrial buildings, and smaller commercial structures.


Our Field

CWB Certified

Importantly, Reliable Welding is CWB Certified. We have an experienced team of welders and metal fabricators who bring these standards to their work. As a mobile welding service, we bring these qualities directly to your site.

Mobile Welding Service vehicle

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