Certified structural steel fabricators

Reliable Welding is one of Alberta’s long-standing structural steel fabricators. We handle the practical and important structural steel fabrication jobs, but we pride ourselves in undertaking large, innovative, and custom jobs


Structural Steel

We have a 14,000 square foot, steel-fabrication facility operated by some of the most skilled operators in the industry.

Fabrication of structural steel products for construction, oilfield, mining and industrial application requires advanced processes and skill provided by the most experienced companies. To deliver a quality structural steel product, Reliable Welding places a high value on individual quality control processes, training, project management and sourcing from recognized structural steel suppliers.

Structural Steel Application

Structural steel is used for a wide-range of commercial, institutional and industrial purposes. With a unique composition, that weighs less than other metal composites, structural steel is economical yet provides the strength required for large-scale construction. Importantly, we retain onsite engineering, allowing us to customize to your specification. Steel fabrication services can be completed at our facility or through our onsite welding services.

Structural Steel Fabrication
for Commercial and Industrial Projects

Our shop facilities and personnel give us the capabilities to handle stem truss fabrication, structural steel rolling, and even bridge structural steel fabrication. Reliable Welding is well-equipped to handle structural steel supply for smaller-to-medium sized buildings. We are proudly certified from the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB Certified).

Building & Industrial Fabrication

Recent Reliable Welding projects include steel framing for commercial buildings, industrial and institutional facilities.


Structural Steel Fabrication

Located in Alberta, with access to major road and rail transportation, our steel fabrication facility accommodates frame erection, rolling, forming, flanging, CNC plasma cutting, and curving. We offer a range of associated services such as an in-house engineering, drafting and shipping.

On-site Welding Services

We operate welding services throughout Western Canada, and for certain national projects. Our team is up to the task to perform the range of welding services required for structural steel.

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Structural Steel Fabricators
for Modular and Skid Welding

Building modification and frame construction relies on proper welding techniques. Improvements in welding techniques have allowed for a greater range of architectural and industrial design options. Processes such as arc welding can reduce the weight of your structure, and our welders have the expertise to perform these services.

No matter how complex you think your project might be, our team of engineers, designers and skilled craftsmen can provide a solution.


  • On-site support available from installation to management
  • Handle smaller-to-medium sized buildings
  • We assist large-scale mod suppliers
  • Mobile welding services available


  • CWB Certified structural steel fabricator
  • structural steel for commercial buildings
  • structural steel for industrial buildings
  • piling for bridges
  • piping modules


Our Structural
Steel Projects

Structural Steel Fabricators produced this large motorbase

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